A one-page proposed solution to Edward Elgar’s enduring cipher.


  1. To the author’s knowledge, the rose-shaped key has never been explicitly proposed; it is necessary for this potential solution.
  2. The Dorabella Cipher image was scanned by the author from: Powell, Mrs. Richard (Penny, Dora). Edward Elgar: Memories of a Variation. 3rd ed, Methuen & Co. Ltd., 1949. Dot 1 on the second line does not appear in any of the four other editions — only the 3rd.
  3. Pendock Old Church is a one-hour bicycle ride from Forli Malvern, Elgar’s home at the time.
  4. CrypTool 2 was used in this proposed solution.
  5. Edward Elgar often spelled words phonetically in letters.
  6. The author believes the rose-shaped key also solves the Enigma.



Zackery Belanger

Physicist working in acoustic architecture. Founder and Director of Arcgeometer LC